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Learn the many techniques & the joys of working with wax.


Encaustic is a rich organic medium with endless possibilities. Come, play and enjoy the versatility of this ancient medium!

Nicki will teach you the core encaustic techniques including smooth and textural painting, collage, image transfer and incising.

Once you learn the basics, encaustics will surprise you and entice you to use many skills from other mediums, allowing you to build on your own skills and techniques with endless diversity and amazing outcomes in the process.

' Really great course and very inspirational. Nicki is a brilliant tutor and really helpful '


' Thanks for a fabulous week. Very inspiring !! '


' Wonderful opportunity to learn amazing techniques with Nicki. Amazing teacher. Thanks Nicki - great to meet and work with you.'


' Thanks for a Exploratory Heaven !! '


' Thanks for all the advice and helpful hints. A lovely introduction to Encaustic Art - a new found art. Who would have thought wax could be such fun! '

' Thank you Nicki - so much information ! Please can we have a workshop to carry on and also to get your invaluable advice '


' Terrific workshop - love to do another one sometime soon. Great atmosphere - Cheers '


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Introduction to Encaustic Painting
Two Day Workshop – $270

A two-day workshop with a thorough introduction to all the basic techniques required to work with wax.

This workshop will set you up to continue in your own encaustic painting practice.


– Introduction to materials, grounds and preparation
– Mediums and paints
– Layering, fusing, blending, drawing, embedding, embossing, incising, accretion and collage.

These 2 days of playing with wax will consist of demonstrations as well as hands on painting and experimenting, with plenty of time to explore, ask questions and develop a strong sense of what is possible with this exciting medium.

By the end of the workshop you will have created both experimental and finished pieces to take home.