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Exciting news having my work selected for the Parkin Drawing Prize 


350 x 350 mm
Encaustic, graphite on plywood


This was a work I made while on artists residency in February this year at Earthskin Muriwai

The Parkin Prize Exhibition will be held at the


11 August – 13 September 2015

It is Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier award for drawing. It promotes drawing in all its forms – as discovery, a testing of ideas, and decision making.

The winning submission will be selected and announced by iconic Kiwi artist, Dick Frizzell at a gala event at the Academy Galleries on Monday 7 September.

I was fortunate to have spent 4 weeks at Earthskin Muriwai  waxing lyrical in one of the most beautiful environments imaginable. Being influenced by the big horizon, the island Oaia, reading about Colin McCahon who lived on occasion at Muriwai and who was influenced spiritually by the place. He emphasised both in his work and in his lectures the contrast between dark and light. The forces of nature both physical and religious. I felt an inate connection with him through this landscape while I was there.

Earthskin 2015

Visitors to the studio

Works created there reference the landscape, particularly the point at which the sea meets the sky, the horizon, where heaven and earth meet.

These boundaries, the edges in nature are where the greatest diversity lies. Creatures of the air, water, and earth co-exist at this conjunction of the elements.
Punctuated by islands and landforms reflecting human habitation, the work is contemporary, minimalist and is essentially spiritual by nature.

“We are the ordained caretakers of this planet. Let us all try a little harder to tread lightly on the earth”

The works were selected  by an advisory panel, consisting of Senior Lecturer in Painting at the University of Canterbury Roger Boyce, Associate Professor, Arts commentator, historian and writer Warren Feeney, poet, painter, curator and editor, Gregory O’Brien and prolific New Zealand artist Judy Darragh.

For the first time this year, 10 highly commended prizes each worth $500.00 will also be introduced.


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