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Nicki’s work evolved from acrylic into encaustic about 10 years ago as a response to the need to find a more organic and environmentally friendly medium. The discovery was sheer delight and she has embraced the medium with gusto to produce her luscious works.

As an artist and working as an art materials consultant at the Village Art Shop in Greytown for some years, Nicki has developed a fascination and appreciation for art materials. She understands the importance of quality materials to produce premium work.

Nicki has responded to the need for encaustic medium and has produced these products to give consistent results in her work. Made from pure refined  beeswax and damar resin, the medium is filtered to obtain a high-quality ready-to-use product. Encaustic medium can be mixed with oil paint, chalk pastels or pure pigment to create any colour under the sun. Get to it!