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Plaster Studio By Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise
Encaustic Medium
DAS Plaster Roll
Plaster Forms Day 1
Plaster 2
Plaster 3

Encaustic in 3D Starter Kit

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Product Description

Encaustic in 3D Starter Kit


Plaster Studio Book – by Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise

Plaster Roll Bandage for Sculpting in 3D

Encaustic Medium Clear – 300g

Learn how to:

  • Make plaster projects glow with the addition of encaustic medium
  • Create book pages and covers from plaster
  • Cast objects from plaster that are easy to add to other works of art
  • Use wire armature with plaster gauze to sculpt in 3D
  • Apply image transfers to a plaster surface

Everything you need to get started in encaustic in 3D !