Oil Stick Mini Sets – 5 Colourways


Solid oil paint in stick form – incredibly versatile with encaustics

  • Blend them with encaustic medium to create your colour palette
  • Draw with them directly onto your wax surface
  • Mix with spirit medium and draw/paint with them (much like water soluble pencils in water)
  • Self-sealing exterior. Peel away skin with a craft knife to reveal fresh paint below.

Use on paper, canvas, fabric and other porous or non porous surfaces.


Product Description

Markal Artists Paintstiks are oil paints in a dry stick form. Use alone or combine with oil paints and other mediums such as encaustic medium.

When the Paintstiks are pressed against the painting surface they liquefy at the point of contact, allowing you to paint wet with a dry stick. The colour is soft and blend-able with the finger, a paint brush or a pallet knife when applied.

They are touch dry over night and completely dry in three days.

Perfect for colouring your encaustic medium.

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