An exhibition commemorating New Zealand soldiers who fought or lost their lives in WW1.

Spanning the disciplines of textiles, ceramics, and encaustic painting this installation of objects and art serves to remind us of the futility that was the First World War.

Remember to Remember came about when I remembered my Mother telling me she was named after Eric, one of her two Uncles who were killed in action during the war.

A search into their war records unfolded a personal picture of them for me and of the ‘Great War’ and how it has shaped and created New Zealand to this day.

Inspired by this, I developed the community knitting project ‘A Call to Arms’ by researching extensively the knitting patterns of the Great War period. The project involved the re-making of these authentic ‘comforts’ for soldiers which were knitted for and dedicated to family members who fought or died during the war.

This installation has become a tribute to those individuals, those men who were our Uncles, Great and Great Great Uncles. A whole generation of men who went off to war thinking it to be a great adventure.