Vessels, Hoveruses and Telling Bones by Nicki Stewart


A project jump-started in Dunedin mucking about with some clay and with a limited window of opportunity.

Informed by anatomic anomalies learnt through Yin Yoga and the very essence of the acintya bheda abheda tattwa philosophy I’ve followed for some 30 years, I set to and made some things.

More like ‘Thinglets’ actually – (kind of like singlets with a lisp), or little things or maybe just parts of other bigger things – vessels of sorts and connected with the heart. Shapes made with deliberate imperfections (not hard for me) collapsing in on themselves and morphing into their ownness.

With the addition of encaustic (beeswax and damar resin) these things have become telling bones, some hoveruses, others turned sideways or downside up, but all with a visceral organic fecundity about them.

Exhibition held at THE MIRACLE ROOM, Featherston, July 2019